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halitosis cause, I: constipation

Constipation = Backed-Up Plumbing = Playground for Bad Bacteria = Halitosis
Constipation (fewer than 2-3 bowel movements per day) is a serious threat to health, and will affect every condition in the body, including halitosis, toxic load and susceptibility to systemic candidiasis (yeast mutated to resemble fungus, pervades entire body). High toxic load (which can happen to anyone with these conditions) means a challenged lymph system, liver and kidneys, and typically results in halitosis at some point.

Poor liver and kidney health have shown to cause halitosis, too. If you have excessive yeast or candidiasis, the strength of your immune system is assuredly low. Which means that you also lack the proper balance of flora in the gut, a major defense against sources of halitosis.

And all of this contributes to….a population explosion of the bad bacteria, fungus. A side-effect of these is additional mucous along the intestinal lining (which turns into black tar-like plaque and will provide a home for these nasty beasties, parasites, and some theorize disease such as cancer, too; as well as reduce absorption of nutrients. And increase the probably of catching colds, and virus outbreaks. And, of course, halitosis.

Tomorrow:  Halitosis / Constipation Summary


…and so it goes. And Neem+Hair.
20 September 2007, 10:54 pm
Filed under: dandruff, hair+balding, parasites

I’ve been trying to clear up some issues on the blog; progress is being made. But unfortunately for bloggers tuning in, I can’t receive comments right now without a nice “You must be logged in to comment.”  At which point your comment disappears, unsaved. So, please, don’t comment until I write that the Commenting Function is fixed….or whatever.

On the topic of Neem…..I took some pictures of my husband’s (slightly thinning) head of hair the other day, as a Before and After scenario.  (to my husband: Sorry Honey…I figure I’m now following the rules of comedians. If it’s funny – or in this case, dealing with Neem – it’s fair game. Love ya!)  In any case, back to the pictures of my husband’s hair. Poor guy probably feels like a 1st class guinea pig.  But he’s interested in seeing the results from the photos too.

We’re at the Before stage.  Several months back, before I learned that Neem has been used with some success to re-grow hair / fortify hair roots, I purchased some treatment using Jojoba oil (pronounced “ho-hoa-baa”).  But those products will run out soon, so after that I’d like to try Neem Scalp Massage Oil and see what happens, along with Neem Shampoo ; which will also prevent any dandruff, and kill any parasites that live in (and eat / kill) hair follicles.  The only problem is, he doesn’t use the current products everyday.  And you’re supposed to use the Jojoba system at least once a day if not more. A 2-month supply has lasted..ohh…4 months so far, and it’s only 1/2 used.  

I don’t think things will change when we get the Neem product in; maybe I’ll offer to massage more than his scalp?  Of course, he might freak out, thinking that he’ll start growing hair on non-hair parts.    : ]