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Halitosis: Different Causes = Same Symptom
Although many people have halitosis, the halitosis symptoms could have developed due to different factors of “ill-health”. For example, if your immune system is weak, bacteria may run rampant in your mouth; the result: halitosis. Or you may have digestive weakness and improper balance of flora in the gut; not enouth pro-biotics; the result: halitosis. Or, perhaps your PH levels are too acidic, weakening your body in general, and unable to properly control bacteria in the mouth; again, halitosis. Or maybe your body can’t keep up with your current intake of sugar and breads, which feeds bacteria, and could result in halitosis; sugars also upset the PH in the mouth – again, halitosis. Or, as already discussed in this blog, chronic constipation may have set your body on a track of auto-toxification; a combination of typical detoxing and reduced efficiency of elements above, and you’re a candidate for halitosis.

Neem is a natural bactericide, fungicide, and virus killer and can help improve your health under many different conditions and symptoms, including various culprits of halitosis.

Tomorrow: Halitosis vs. Geriatric Bad Breath


halitosis cause, I: constipation

Constipation = Backed-Up Plumbing = Playground for Bad Bacteria = Halitosis
Constipation (fewer than 2-3 bowel movements per day) is a serious threat to health, and will affect every condition in the body, including halitosis, toxic load and susceptibility to systemic candidiasis (yeast mutated to resemble fungus, pervades entire body). High toxic load (which can happen to anyone with these conditions) means a challenged lymph system, liver and kidneys, and typically results in halitosis at some point.

Poor liver and kidney health have shown to cause halitosis, too. If you have excessive yeast or candidiasis, the strength of your immune system is assuredly low. Which means that you also lack the proper balance of flora in the gut, a major defense against sources of halitosis.

And all of this contributes to….a population explosion of the bad bacteria, fungus. A side-effect of these is additional mucous along the intestinal lining (which turns into black tar-like plaque and will provide a home for these nasty beasties, parasites, and some theorize disease such as cancer, too; as well as reduce absorption of nutrients. And increase the probably of catching colds, and virus outbreaks. And, of course, halitosis.

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Bad breath / halitosis can be embarrassing…
1 October 2007, 5:16 am
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A friend of a friend of a friend asked me a while back about Halitosis, and what can be done to improve or get rid of it. Since I woke up this morning feeling like I’d kissed a baboon’s butt sometime while I slept, I figured I’d write about it today.

First of all, if you’ve been told by doctors and your own experiences that nothing can be done for your bad breath or halitosis, forget it. Know that they are wrong. You simply haven’t been given the proper information to arm yourself against it.  But also know that halitosis is a symptom of other conditions.  There is no “miracle” cure for halitosis if you only treat the symptom. The way to get rid of halitosis is to attack the issues causing it.

Bad breath beyond the normal early morning baboon-butt, or garlic-and-onion aroma, is not something you have to live with. I’m not an expert, and alternative doctors would be much better informed than I, but I’ll tell you how I would attack the problem. Start with researching the web; there’s lots of information out there that I don’t know since I’ve never researched it myself. But there are a few things I do know. All or none could apply to you, and it’s very much like a mystery hunt to figure out the why of persistant bad breath and halitosis.

Taking a daily balanced pro-biotic is an absolute must.  A couple of brands I recommend are PB8, Jarrow, Renew Life.  It’s practically guaranteed that your natural supply and balance of pro-biotics in your gut is out of whack.  It’s also possible that this imbalance has allowed an over-growth of candida (fungus-like yeast) to grow in your gut. It’s imperative that you get this in check, because when candida is involved, bad breath could become the least of your problems. I’m not trying to scare you, but it is serious once the candida gets to the point of puncturing your colon wall and entering the blood stream. But that’s a different post. Look up candidiasis if you’re interested.

Absolutely no alcohol until it’s under control. There’s multiple reasons: alcohol dries out the mouth which makes halitosis worse; alcohol (except tequila) turns into sugar, which feeds candida and makes it stronger. Check your mouthwash. If it has alcohol, toss it and get some from the local vitamin or natural food store. 

Some toothpastes dry out your mouth too. And there’s debate about the true effects of flouride, since its original use was as a rat poison. Perhaps change toothpastes. A good alternative? Neem mouthwash and neem toothpaste at Neemfirst would be an excellent start to getting rid of halitosis, as well as perfect for killing bacteria and fungus, including candida.

I’ll post more tomorrow; that’s enough to chew on for now.