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…and so it goes. And Neem+Hair.
20 September 2007, 10:54 pm
Filed under: dandruff, hair+balding, parasites

I’ve been trying to clear up some issues on the blog; progress is being made. But unfortunately for bloggers tuning in, I can’t receive comments right now without a nice “You must be logged in to comment.”  At which point your comment disappears, unsaved. So, please, don’t comment until I write that the Commenting Function is fixed….or whatever.

On the topic of Neem…..I took some pictures of my husband’s (slightly thinning) head of hair the other day, as a Before and After scenario.  (to my husband: Sorry Honey…I figure I’m now following the rules of comedians. If it’s funny – or in this case, dealing with Neem – it’s fair game. Love ya!)  In any case, back to the pictures of my husband’s hair. Poor guy probably feels like a 1st class guinea pig.  But he’s interested in seeing the results from the photos too.

We’re at the Before stage.  Several months back, before I learned that Neem has been used with some success to re-grow hair / fortify hair roots, I purchased some treatment using Jojoba oil (pronounced “ho-hoa-baa”).  But those products will run out soon, so after that I’d like to try Neem Scalp Massage Oil and see what happens, along with Neem Shampoo ; which will also prevent any dandruff, and kill any parasites that live in (and eat / kill) hair follicles.  The only problem is, he doesn’t use the current products everyday.  And you’re supposed to use the Jojoba system at least once a day if not more. A 2-month supply has lasted..ohh…4 months so far, and it’s only 1/2 used.  

I don’t think things will change when we get the Neem product in; maybe I’ll offer to massage more than his scalp?  Of course, he might freak out, thinking that he’ll start growing hair on non-hair parts.    : ]