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Halitosis: Different Causes = Same Symptom
Although many people have halitosis, the halitosis symptoms could have developed due to different factors of “ill-health”. For example, if your immune system is weak, bacteria may run rampant in your mouth; the result: halitosis. Or you may have digestive weakness and improper balance of flora in the gut; not enouth pro-biotics; the result: halitosis. Or, perhaps your PH levels are too acidic, weakening your body in general, and unable to properly control bacteria in the mouth; again, halitosis. Or maybe your body can’t keep up with your current intake of sugar and breads, which feeds bacteria, and could result in halitosis; sugars also upset the PH in the mouth – again, halitosis. Or, as already discussed in this blog, chronic constipation may have set your body on a track of auto-toxification; a combination of typical detoxing and reduced efficiency of elements above, and you’re a candidate for halitosis.

Neem is a natural bactericide, fungicide, and virus killer and can help improve your health under many different conditions and symptoms, including various culprits of halitosis.

Tomorrow: Halitosis vs. Geriatric Bad Breath


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Where Do These Halitosis-Causing Bacteria Live?
Halitosis causing bacteria lives mostly in crevices between the bumpy ridges way on the back of the tongue. BUT, they also permeate the rest of the mouth: gums, plaque, cheeks, etc. To get rid of the odors of halitosis, treat the entire mouth. To battle halitosis, flossing and brushing 2x per day, and using a non-alcoholic mouthwash, such as neem mouthwash at NeemFirst, is not enough to thoroughly eliminate bacteria. (Although, the neem mouthwash has the added benefit of being a super-duper herbal anti-bacterial and natural fungicide, too! – won’t dry out your mouth from alcohols, and excellent for halitosis.)
Get a good tongue and cheek scraper, regular dental checkups, etc. I’m sure you’ve heard this all before. But these tools are essential, especially since a toothbrush is not designed to access the crevices in the tongue, where the halitosis-causing bacteria thrives. It’s the wrong tool for the job! To boot, trying to use your toothbrush to get at the halitosis-causing bacteria living in the very back portion of your tongue could also have you gagging at the sink.

Tomorrow: Halitosis Odors Produced by Bacteria, and Persistence of Halitosis 

Hello world!

This is my first blog posting for NeemFirst. Woo!

This blog is about Neem, an amazing tree with amazing applications. Enough with the “amazing”, but it really is. Neem is a tree relatively unknown in the U.S., especially for its health and insect-control applications.  Health and insect-control from the same herb? Yeah – keep reading.

It’s one of the most diversified herbs out there, categorized among the safest, least toxic of substances. Neem kills bacteria, candida, fungus, virus; stimulates the immune system; kills and deters hundreds of insects; and it’s soothing to the skin, with increased tissue elasticity (ie less wrinkles).  Amazing, right?  The applications could be limitless. But I didn’t learn about Neem until years of exposure to the arena of vitamins and herbs.

Anyway, I’m in my 30’s, and have endured some “strange” health challenges for about 10 years, one after the other, like layers in an onion. Regular medical doctors told me I was “fine”.  Nothing showed in my bloodwork, which meant that nothing was wrong with me (at least not physically, my friends would say). But I knew the body wasn’t meant to feel as awful as mine did. So, amidst my relatives’ whispers that I was a hypochondriac, I set out on a journey to find some answers. Neem was one of those answers.  This Blog is part of my website,, created to inform others looking for their own answers. Neem could be it. What could be more perfect than a blog?

Please join me in discovering Neem, what Neem can do for you and the hundred (+) ways Neem can be used to improve health: for the body, a beloved pet, your home and garden.

See you in the Blog-o-Sphere!

– NeemFirst Lady


ps, before you use Neem, check the contraindications of using this herb. Remarkably safe, there are a few things you should know.