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halitosis cause, I: constipation

Constipation = Backed-Up Plumbing = Playground for Bad Bacteria = Halitosis
Constipation (fewer than 2-3 bowel movements per day) is a serious threat to health, and will affect every condition in the body, including halitosis, toxic load and susceptibility to systemic candidiasis (yeast mutated to resemble fungus, pervades entire body). High toxic load (which can happen to anyone with these conditions) means a challenged lymph system, liver and kidneys, and typically results in halitosis at some point.

Poor liver and kidney health have shown to cause halitosis, too. If you have excessive yeast or candidiasis, the strength of your immune system is assuredly low. Which means that you also lack the proper balance of flora in the gut, a major defense against sources of halitosis.

And all of this contributes to….a population explosion of the bad bacteria, fungus. A side-effect of these is additional mucous along the intestinal lining (which turns into black tar-like plaque and will provide a home for these nasty beasties, parasites, and some theorize disease such as cancer, too; as well as reduce absorption of nutrients. And increase the probably of catching colds, and virus outbreaks. And, of course, halitosis.

Tomorrow:  Halitosis / Constipation Summary


halitosis and ACV

So, if halitosis is a symptom of other conditions, attack the root issues of ill-health to get rid of your symptom: halitosis.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is an excellent treatment for halitosis. Not only will it change health from the inside out to improve the root cause of the halitosis, it can also be used to directly relieve halitosis, the symptom: excess bacteria, imbalance of flora in the mouth, bad odor, dry mouth.

I recommend getting yourself some raw, organic Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV); Bragg’s brand is what I use.  Every day, make a 50/50 solution of warm water and ACV, 8 oz. total. Gargle the solution, about 30 seconds, then spit. Never swallow. (insert joke here).  The ACV pulls a lot of toxins from the throat and mouth, and you don’t want to swallow the toxins.  The solution should provide enough for about 3 gargles.  If there’s any solution left, then drink it down.  For even more benefits, make the solution 10 oz., and drink the left-over.  It’s super good for you, even if it doesn’t taste all that good. 

This treatment is excellent for sore throats, too. And many report that drinking ACV has remarkable effects on a multitude of issues, not just halitosis, but energy, weight loss, cholesterol, skin elasticity, and more. It’s one of the “stay young” secrets that Jack Lalanne did everyday, after learning about it from the Bragg family.  ACV is also a natural remedy for yeast infections, just like neem.


more on bad breath / halitosis

I wrote in a previous post that halitosis is a symptom of other conditions.  And also that the way to get rid of halitosis is to attack the issues causing it, instead of treating the symptom.

When trying to fix halitosis, consider your overall health. Are you taking medicines? Are you fairly toxic? (most everyone is in the U.S.) Do you eat a lot of red meat and fried foods? Do you eat / drink a lot of un-fermented dairy? Do you drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water each day? And more water when you exercise or spend time outdoors? Your halitosis could be exacerbated by medications, toxicity overload in the liver and kidneys, complications from excess mucous from un-fermented dairy, and dehydration.

The dehydration is critical and could be a major component in improving halitosis. Drink water, drink water, drink water. Good water. Half your body weight in ounces, every day. And if you add lemon, you’ll do double-duty by cleansing your lymph system to allow your body to release toxins (and bonus! lose weight, too).

Breathing is another simple and powerful detoxifier. Even as simple as 20 super slow deep belly breaths before you go to sleep. This helps relax you, and prepares the body for sleep and meditation.

…ok. more tomorrow.