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Dreams…they’re all in your head
30 September 2007, 8:41 am
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angeldrawings_angel11.jpgSo when you dream, is it as real to your brain and emotions as “reality” when you’re awake?  I’ve always been a super vivid dreamer. I’ve got great dream recal, immense detail…and wacky dreams that play out real enough to be a sci-fi novel instead of a dream. And I love to dream. I savor it. If I get woken up too early in the morning, I’m a bear. But if I happened to be dreaming?…oh. Watch out. Major grump. When I dream I float, and usually all my dreams leave me feeling really fine.  Of course, then there are the dreams that effect me emotionally in a negative way. I’ll have a dream where I’m upset at my husband for something, and I wake up grumpy and upset with him for nothing he’s done. But emotionally, I still feel upset at him. Until I realize it’s because of some silly dream that is very emotionally real. 

Or like the other night, I wake up from a bad dream with a God/Devil theme, and I wake up feeling like I’m getting sucked down into a pit and the Devil’s knuckles are crawling up my spine. Blink. I woke up, and what do I see?  A huge man standing in the bedroom. And then I remember that the house wasn’t locked up, and I really freak. I can’t see without my glasses, the man is just standing there, and I’m not sure, but I don’t think he has a head. I start praying to my guardian angels, and stay still while I keep blinking to see if the Man goes away. At that point, since the man hasn’t moved and he doesn’t look to have a head, I get up to check it out. It’s my husband’s suit, hanging on the back of the bedroom door. The situation was funny enough to clear away that initial evil feeling, but sometimes it lingers. It’s very real, no matter that it was all in my head. 

Fiona Apple has a lyric that reads as if she doesn’t think the love interest of the song really feels for her. He says “‘It’s all in your head,’ and she said, ‘So’s everything.'”  It really is…it’s all in your head. All of your existance is in your head, heart and soul. Good, bad and indifferent. And for me, dreaming is a big part of that. Do you make your dreams a part of you? Do you make your dreams a part of your reality?

And for dreams that are thought of during the day…those dreams of ‘someday’…I once heard someone say that reality is exactly what you dream or think it to be.  A doctor or an astronaut is who they are because one day, a child said, “when I grow up, I want to be…” I’m not writing this well, but their existance was once just a dream. Every dream can be a reality. The choices made along the way determine the transformation of the dream. Find your dream, make it happen, work your ass off and focus.  Advice I should listen to more often. 

A phrase that helps me remember that dreams are possible: Today’s mighty oak is just yesterday’s nut that held its ground.


ps, image is from Angel Drawing; a cool site about automatic drawing