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6 November 2007, 12:48 am
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Halitosis and the Diet
No, this blog entry is not the typical Halitosis /Diet notation; it’s not about abstaining from garlic and onions, and using freshening essential oils, which I’ve already blogged about. It’s about the impact your diet may effect on halitosis, and the general harm that you might be unaware of. And the harm in your diet that your doctor most likely isn’t telling you…because for most Western doctors, except for concerns of cholesterol and blood pressure, the diet isn’t integrated as a major componet of health. Not really. Your perfectly sensible, and acceptable American diet that everyone says is “healthy” could be feeding your halitosis instead of your health. If you eat the typical American diet, absent of McDonalds, but still filled with sugar, red meats, and low quality breads, it’s a sure bet that your body is a prime target for halitosis. After all, it’s estimated that up to 65 million Americans have halitosis.
The average American body is too acidic, addicted to sugar, prone to excess yeast, high toxic load, insufficient fiber intake, excessive meat intake, deficient in vitamins, all of which combine to create a veritable playground for halitosis, as well as a host of other symptoms of ill-health, such as low energy, constipation, acne, and disease. Please remember that your body is a chemical / electrical formula. Your body and your food are interconnected. You truly are what you eat. If you make a choice to eat poorly, you’re making a choice against health, and possibly a choice for halitosis. It sounds dramatic; but unfortunately, it’s true. On the other hand, it’s also fortunate …because what you eat is something you can control; and therefore a way to control the halitosis.
If you’re having a problem getting rid of your halitosis, then check yourself; check your diet. Break it down. The food that you’re putting in your mouth…what is it really doing for you? What will it turn into? Will it turn into halitosis?

Tomorrow: Sugar – Bacteria – Halitosis 


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