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halitosis cause, I: bacteria in the mouth, set c
17 October 2007, 5:02 am
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Halitosis Odors Produced by Bacteria
Out of the 700 possible types of bacteria inhabiting the mouth, and the three difinitive bacteria identified as producing halitosis, there are two main odors produced by and affiliated with halitosis: the sulphur gases methyl mercaptan (a “barn-yard” smell) and hydrogen sulfide (a “rotten-egg” smell). At some doctors’ and dentists’ offices, you can measure the amount of volatile sulphur gases (VCSs) produced by the rate of decay of bacteria with a Halimeter. It’s an excellent way to measure of halitosis, and Periodontal Disease, too, since these gases are common for both PD and halitosis.

Persistence of Halitosis 
If you’ve ever had halitosis, you know that most often, the halitosis smell always returns, no matter how effectively and diligently you clean your mouth and the bacteria. Why? Because the bacteria always grows back. The halitosis comes back. So the question that arises is: if the bacteria causing halitosis is only in the mouth (according to experts) and the halitosis-causing bacteria continues to return, then there must be other components (beyond the condition of the mouth) contributing to the long-term halitosisHalitosis may end up in your mouth, but is that where it starts? Is halitosis in fact a symptom of other conditions and environments?

Tomorrow: Environment of Halitosis, and Halitosis and Vitamins


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