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halitosis cause, I: bacteria in the mouth, set b

Where Do These Halitosis-Causing Bacteria Live?
Halitosis causing bacteria lives mostly in crevices between the bumpy ridges way on the back of the tongue. BUT, they also permeate the rest of the mouth: gums, plaque, cheeks, etc. To get rid of the odors of halitosis, treat the entire mouth. To battle halitosis, flossing and brushing 2x per day, and using a non-alcoholic mouthwash, such as neem mouthwash at NeemFirst, is not enough to thoroughly eliminate bacteria. (Although, the neem mouthwash has the added benefit of being a super-duper herbal anti-bacterial and natural fungicide, too! – won’t dry out your mouth from alcohols, and excellent for halitosis.)
Get a good tongue and cheek scraper, regular dental checkups, etc. I’m sure you’ve heard this all before. But these tools are essential, especially since a toothbrush is not designed to access the crevices in the tongue, where the halitosis-causing bacteria thrives. It’s the wrong tool for the job! To boot, trying to use your toothbrush to get at the halitosis-causing bacteria living in the very back portion of your tongue could also have you gagging at the sink.

Tomorrow: Halitosis Odors Produced by Bacteria, and Persistence of Halitosis 


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