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halitosis: what really causes it?

What a good question. What IS the real cause of halitosis? According to reports and medical opinions I’ve read documenting the root causes of halitosis, the reasons vary. Everyone has a different opinion, and no one truely agrees on the cause: there’s only one cause of halitosis – no, there’s multiple causes; halitosis is all about the mouth – no, it’s the sinuses, or the GI tract, or….
Obviously, there’s a lot of dissension about how and why halitosis exists. And therefore, there’s not much clarity or solidarity about  halitosis solutions.
Sure, everyone agrees that bacteria is somehow involved, and better oral health care is required – cleanings, brushing, flossing, toungue and cheek scraping. But if you or someone you know has ever had halitosis, you know that the extra effort – and less oral bacteria – doesn’t necessarily make a difference in improving the abhorred malodor associated with halitosis.
So if the standard of “brush more & gargle” doesn’t work, what do you do?
Over the next couple of days, I’m going to summarize the differing opinions and documentation on the true cause of halitosis. Perhaps you’ll see something you haven’t read before, and have new options to banish halitosis from your life forever.


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