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halitosis and foods, pt.I

Bacteria – Bad
One of the biggest culprits of halitosis is gum disease due to a build-up of bacteria in the mouth. Besides the neem toothpaste and neem mouthwash which will greatly reduce bacteria and oral thrush without drying out your mouth (a dry mouth can also cause halitosis), you can use food and teas to help eliminate halitosis.
Spices – Friend & Foe
Spices are excellent in immediately battling & relieving the bad breath from halitosis. The spices’ essential oils re-circulate in the mouth long after you’ve eaten them, typically up to 24 hours.  But the essential oils of spices can work for and against you.
Good Spices for Bad Breath
Spices to keep handy, for anytime — especially after meals: fennel seed, anise seed, or clove. Fennel and anise seed would be my first choices. They have the double benefit of calming and improving the digestive system. Other options to immediately relieve bad breath or halitosis include chewing on a slice of fresh gingerroot, parsley (frequently on your dinner plate) and mint.
Spices – Flip Side
On the flip side, those same essential oils that keep your halitosis at bay can also make your friends run away – depending on the spice you’ve eaten. So, if you’ve got a meeting tomorrow morning, nix the onions tonight.  Remember the 24-hour rule.  Obviously, stay away from garlic, onions, & hot peppers, which will exacerbate halitosis and cause bad breath in most everyone. Also stay away from fermented dairy.


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